About the Author

Mister Tretiak (aka Agares Tretiak, aka Alejandro) is a student of people and history. He lives in the Portland Metro area, Oregon, USA, where he admires the rain, reads, and generally lives (for a given value of living).

Hello. This is me.
Mr. Tretiak posing for the camera, with his favorite hat and tobacco pipe.

He also has a twin brother and a younger brother. Reportedly, he also has parents, but proof is pending.

Among his various pursuits, he enjoys the following:

– Playing video games, especially ones where one might drive a tank.

– Studying history and other cultures.

– Reading every book he can get his hands on.

– Smoking his favorite pipe while contemplating the rain.

– Dressing too formally for his own good.

– Cooking and tasting delicious food, including baking pies, cakes, and bread (such a foodie).

– Admiring art and music when he isn’t butchering his own feeble attempts at both.

– Intelligent conversation.

– Tigers (the animal).