What are the best looking tanks?

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I find it difficult to rate vehicles based on aesthetic appeal, because it’s a very subjective sort of thing. What I may find attractive or interesting when it comes to a tank, may look hideous to someone else. What I can do, however, is provide a list of tanks that I like the look of.
World War 2
Panzerkampfwagen IV ‘Tiger’ Ausf. B (Königstiger or Tiger II)
I love the way this thing looks. Let’s ignore its mechanical issues, weight, and hideous cost for the war. The thing is intimidating and it looks solid and immovable.

tiger_ii_mg_7801Tiger II at Musée des Blindés, Saumur, France. The only currently known operational Tiger II.

“Did you notice my hinterhalt-tarnung, Senpai?”

T26E3/M26 ‘Pershing’
Of the American tanks of WW2, I like how the Pershing looked the most. You can clearly see how it later contributed to the long-serving Patton series of tanks, and while the Pershing itself was not a terrific tank in many regards, it still looked good.
As one can see from the expressions of the crew, the Pershing was serious business.

Cold War (1950’s-1980’s) Era
Not only a revolutionary concept for a tank, it was rather good looking in my opinion.
Mmm. That low, curved profile…

M60A3 ‘Patton’
I liked the more streamlined look of the M60 series of Pattons, though the M60A2 ‘Starship’ was a bit of an… odd design. The M60A3 is by far my favorite version of this series, though.
Taiwanese M60A3 Pattons on display. I really cannot think of anything goofy to say about this tank.

America flirted with its own, real Heavy Tank designs, but the Army quickly abandoned the vehicle they came up with in favor of the M60. The Marine Corps, however, were happy to make use of the big bastard well on into the 70’s. Say what you will for the vehicle, it looks like the M60 Patton’s bigger, meaner brother.


I can think of only less goofy things to say about this tank.

Post-Cold War Era (1980’s-Present)
Challenger 2
My favorite tank in terms of its aesthetic appeal from the modern era, is the Challenger 2. It looks like a scarier Abrams. Not that the Abrams isn’t scary, but…
“Rule, Britannia! Britannia rules the tanks…” (in terms of aesthetic appeal).

Leopard 2A6HEL
My next favorite looking tank is highly specific. It’s a Leopard 2 variant that the Greeks use.
It has ‘Hel’ in the name and a nice camo job and it looks very ‘tank’ to me. Greece may not be able to pay for its debt, but it does have a nice looking tank.

I’m sure with more time and effort, I could put out an even longer list of ‘attractive’ armored vehicles, but I’m getting all hot and bothered by what I’ve already shared with you. Nothing says “military prowess” like a nice set of roadwheels and a big main armament.
The author is currently receiving extensive therapy for his misplaced attraction to armored

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  1. The one with the “G” on the upper glacis? I think it may have been part of Panzerkorps Großdeutschland, however I cannot definitively say that it was. Unfortunately, I cannot always find much documentation on some of the images I have.


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