The Heartland Museum of Military Vehicles – Photos

So this late spring, several of my family went on a cross country trip (literally coast-to-coast) and came across this little gem of a museum. Unfortunately, they were not open at the time they came across it and thus were unable to get more up-close images of the vehicles they have on display or see what other ones may have been there.

For those of you who may wish to visit it, it’s located in the charming burg of Lexington, Nebraska. Here is their website for those who wish to view more information about their collection and their efforts to restore military vehicles:

Heartland Museum of Military Vehicles

I suggest giving it a visit, if this is something you are interested in or wish to support.

The Heartland Museum’s prototype Bradley. Image from their website.

Among their collection are two M60 (one with a dozer blade) Tanks, what appears to be a M4A1(76)W (Cast hull, 76mm gun), a Half-track that I can’t identify (I’m terrible with some American vehicles), and what is apparently a Prototype M2 Bradley that they obtained from the US Army. The Museum also apparently acts as a key point in collecting the recollections  of local WW II veterans for the Library of Congress, something that as a historian I wholeheartedly applaud and support.

Here’s the pictures my family took!

IMG_9666 IMG_9673 IMG_9680 IMG_9682 IMG_9690





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