Where have you gone, Mister Tretiak?

So, as some may have noticed, I’ve been oddly and suddenly quiet. Here is my explanation:

Primarily, my issue has been that I need to find a new source of income. Luckily, I’ve started on a project that might help resolve at least some of that, as I have begun to work as a writer for a new text-based game.

That’s taken up a fair bit of my time that would otherwise go to other things like researching my next article or working on my Panther (the tracks are about half done now and been barely touched since that point). Add in other various events, and it’s been weirdly hectic for me these past months.

I do have some images of vehicles that a family member took while they were traveling cross country and I will post those relatively soon, once I finish sorting and identifying them. It’s yet to be seen if I can pick up my blog writing (something I’ve rather enjoyed) again, or if I’ll discover that it’s one too many tasks. Hopefully, it’ll be the former rather than the latter.

Sorry, old chap, but I have these things to write.

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