Modeling and Painting My First Panther Part 2

Finally, I have some pictures. Regrettably, they are fairly far along in the process of building the model, however I shall try to describe the process I used to make what I have.

Shot of the bottom of the hull.
Shot of the turret.
Shot of the upper hull.


As can be seen from the images, I’m fairly far along the process of producing the tank and its details. Most of the weathering is done, as far as I am able (I’m not going in for rust paints, pastels, etc). The camouflage is one I like though I admit it’s not strictly based on any historical images I possess. That is not to say it could not or did not exist, as it is not at all radical by the standards of the era. Since I lack any airbrushing equipment, it was applied by brush. Tool racks are attached as well as other small details, but I am still adding the spare track racks to the rear of the upper hull.

I wanted the vehicle to look worn and in need of maintenance, rather than making it appear to be in nearly perfect condition.

As soon as I finish work on adding the spare track racks, I will also add the Schurzen braces and then finally assemble and add the tracks to the tank, before final assembly. The only major component that needs painting still is the Schurzen segments and some weathering on the tracks, so I’m very nearly finished.


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