Model update (and why there are no pictures).

Sooo… I know I promised pictures, but the nice camera I was going to use was… unavailable

Which is unfortunate. However, with any luck, I can capture the progress I have made since it should be available now.


To-date, I’ve completed the following steps:

  • Finished primer and base coat painting
  • Finished assembly of the major components (hull, turret)
  • Finished painting the wheels (so many wheels!)
  • Applied zimmerit utilizing a wide and wild array of tools before settling on a toothpick and a metal scrap (more on the Zimmerit and how I applied it in my next article).
  • Sanded zimmerit.
  • Painted with another base coat of Tamiya’s Dull Red spray
  • Painted over that with their sand brown which I mixed with just a bit of white paint to create the closest I could come to dunkelgelb (I should have mixed in some yellow, but had none available).
  • Applied the basic camouflage scheme (tri-colour using rotbraun stripes and webs and green splotches).
  • Weathered the track system minus the tracks.
  • Weathered the tank.
  • Weathered it some more.
  • My tank looks like it is in desperate need of attention from a maintenance crew.
  • Still working on detail painting the tools, tool racks, and a few braces and the like for the schurzen.

Seriously wish I had some pictures to show the progress, but I’ll have to let the semi-finished product speak for itself when I finally get some pictures.


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