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First off, today is my birthday.

While this in and of itself may not be due much comment beyond my immediate circle of family and friends, it leads me to my next point. As a present, I received a rather gorgeous Dragon Models Early Production Panzerkampfwagen V ‘Panther’ Ausf. A (No hull ball mount for the MG) at 1:35 scale. As a result of this (really, quite marvelous) gift, I’ll be able to chronicle my work to put it together (assembly, painting, what I intend to do for camouflage, etc) interspersed with some historical trivia regarding the tank with each installment as I progress.

I frankly look forward to doing this, as it will give me something I can regularly put out, in addition to my ongoing series about tank camouflage and tactical markings.


For those curious, it’s model 6160 (no longer in production, but various distributors will doubtless have them in inventory). Here’s pictures of the model box and a completed one!


Box Art
Box Art
Front View
Front View
Rear View
Rear View



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