1st post omg im so lucky

Hello ladies, gentlemen, and all the fish in the sea!

I’ve started this blog primarily as a way for me to really put down my thoughts and my knowledge and share it with others who may (or perhaps may not) find it useful. I suppose, then, to that end, I should start by way of introducing myself. My name is Alejandro (but you can call me Agares as it saves a lot of suffering and Lady Gaga song-humming if you do), soon to be 30 years old (as of March the 16th of 2015, I shall be), and I live currently in the Portland Metro area, Oregon, USA. I was born in another country but possess (or possessed, should check that) dual-citizenship, but my family emigrated here (to the US) due to political instability at home. Mom was an American, born and raised in Ohio and met my father as he was studying abroad in college. Since returning to ‘Murica, I’ve traveled frequently and taken in a lot of the sights and experiences this hemisphere offers.

Hello. This is me.
Hello. This is me.

With that in mind, perhaps it’s less of a mystery why I became fascinated with history. The origin of things, the events, people, and objects that created what we see and know today has always fascinated me, much as people have. So have cultures, languages, and ideas, but we’ll cover that some other time. I suppose for the past 15 years or more, I’ve been very interested in all things related to warfare and the people who have engaged in it throughout human history. More recently (about 8 years) I’ve been fascinated with modern military and warfare tactics. For approximately the last 5 years, I’ve been fascinated by tanks and other armored vehicles and have spent large swathes of my spare time studying and reading about them. And there you’ll discover one of the major reasons I’m writing this blog; I love tanks and I want to share my knowledge and perspective with other people who love tanks.

Chief amongst the people I’ve come to respect for their interest in tanks and the like, is and was the sublime “SilentStalker” of ‘For The Record’ fame, a blog I followed religiously since I was shown it by a friend, and which I contributed an article to shortly before it closed. I will feature that Article and its follow-ups on this blog and share them with similar blogs for the sake of my love of the subject matter.

As far as where the conflicts, nations, and utilization of those vehicles are concerned, I’m rather detached and apolitical. I tend not to cleave to a particular nation, I support absolutely no ideology of any particular political party, and I’m most interested in the historical context and features of tanks, ranging from their development and design, to their tactical and strategic utilization in conflicts and their evolution through AFV technological development.


Since this is the internet, and since this blog will feature content that often is about vehicles that are designed and have, at some point or another been utilized to execute military actions (killed people, destroyed homes, devastated nations, etc), I am not political about tanks, their use, or their origins, and I would urge anyone who wishes to espouse such political ideologies or national grudges to find a soapbox elsewhere.

In turn, I should probably layout a few things here, for future reference and for the sake of simply stating them.

– I am a bit pedantic and will use academic terminology from time to time, which is the result of my own education. I apologize beforehand if that is a problem.

– I like pictures and info-graphics and schematics to help emphasize my perspective or reinforce a point I’m making, generally they’re carefully selected for that purpose and I will do my best to provide source information and citations where possible (again my academic training urges me to do so).

– I will not tolerate intolerance. Full stop. I do not care if you’re passionate and upset about x, y, or z when it comes to history or the history of your nation. I do not, especially, want to hear about someone’s petty xenophobic perspective or leanings. I don’t care if it’s from the right, the center, or the left. All of it is unwelcome in my blog’s comments section.

I do not like!
Observe the cat. The cat does not appreciate such things anymore than I do.

– That said, some rational patriotism and pride in one’s nation is entirely acceptable. If you want to talk about a really neat feature of your country’s history (a scientific development, a cool new tank, etc) by all means share it, but keep the above rule in mind.

– I’m a stickler for being polite and courteous to others, especially on the internet. Simply because someone doesn’t know who you are, does not mean you should be granted the right to be an irritation or worse. Keep it civil and I will keep it civil. The only exception I have to this is in the case of the intolerant, who by nature of their actions will not be welcome here. Those suspected to be political shills will also be treated the same as the intolerant.

– I welcome guest posts/articles and shameless plugs for friends, provided they fit the theme of this blog, are well-written, and appropriate.

I think, at least for the time being, that covers the groundwork and I look forward to sharing more with however many (or few) readers I may get over time. Thank you and hopefully, you’ll enjoy the blog!



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